Let me introduce myself and my team. Our team has 3 members in it. A mystery person who updates and works on this webpage. She doesn't do anything with the hunt organization itself that's why her name will be a mystery so you can't contact her about the hunt. Then the second person is LeoWhiteLighter, he is the manager of our team. You can contact him with questions about the hunt when I am NOT online or on busy. Then ofcourse me, Anarya Vhargon, I'm the "Boss"of our team hahahaha. I'm the Organizer of 1001 Hunts. You can contact me with all your question.

Our vision

The only thing we want is you to have fun! Ok, we want a second thing, we give you respect so we would like you to give us the respect you expect from us. So plain and simple, tread us like you want to be treated.

What can we expect from you

Again, just have fun and be creative! Try to keep yourself on the timeline we created, Try to keep yourself on the rules we made [whom are the same for every hunt!] and respect your hunters and our other vendors.

What can you expect from us

From us you can expect fun hunts. We will try as much as we can to keep up with the timeline and when something changes we update you ASAP! We will respect you and your problems but never shut us out. Keep in contact and talk to us.


For more information about those behind the organisation... check our Bio Staff page.